Ways to Help Someone Who is Under Stress

We have some friends that we are sometimes really curious about their situations and it is common and natural for us to feel worried whenever we see them that they are sad or they are thinking deeply every time that we are talking to them or when they are working in the office. Of course, it is not limited to our friends only but also to all the people around us like our family members, loved ones, and even to those people who live next to our house or commonly called as the neighbors. Some would advise their friends or constituents to consult a reliable and professional Playa Vista therapy clinic in your city, as they could give your friends the much-needed attention and suggestions that they need to follow in order to come up with something great and new to themselves.  

It is also a nice idea that you will be there with him or her throughout the day and you are willing to listen about his problems or the things that he could not express freely with others. You can invite him or her to a place where he could relax and try to uplift his or her spirit like going to a coffee shop and talk about something else or try a day tour where he could feel great and inhale the fresh air coming from the trees and flowers in the country side of the city. There are times that we feed them so much things that they need to do but this one is not going to be very helpful especially that they are thinking too much things and you are adding more stress to them which is not going to be a good idea that you have to do when you are comforting a friend.  

You can phone your friend and ask him or her about his life or he is ok or not so that you would know what would be the next thing that you can do for your friend or loved ones. You would feel it the way they talk and the way they deliver their sentences and this will give you the clue immediately that they are not feeling good all the time. Avoid blaming them about their problems instead you need to give them some words of encouragement so that they would feel positive and think about good things only.  

It is a nice idea as well that you will try to get their attention and bring them to a place where they could enjoy like going to a park and eat some nice food there so that they could remember their childhood memory. If they are talking about things, then you need to listen to them so that they would feel that there are people who are willing to hear their stories and give them some advices which could be very helpful to them. It will be better as well to stop talking about negative or those unpleasant things.  

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